Monday, March 15, 2010

New Moon on Monday...

© wanderingnome
Today is the beginning of the new moon and technically it means that the moon - in its monthly orbit - is between the earth and the sun and therefore is not visible to us. The few days before are known as the dark moon.

If we ovulate during the full moon, then we bleed during the new moon. It is a time to renew energy and interests, new beginnings, a time to plant seeds for your intentions, your dreams and desires for the next 28 days.

So, today take some time today and think about what you would like to manifest. Write it down and give it power. Maybe light a candle and meditate for a few minutes on your goals, whatever they might be. Write your own affirmation using an "I" statement, and say it out loud. Everyday.

Whatever you dream and believe, you can conceive. An idea, a goal, a dream, or even a child. Work with your affirmation over the next two weeks and see what happens. Feel free to share your affirmations, goals and thoughts here...

New moon blessings,

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