Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I am juicy and ripe to conceive!

© Vanessa Pike-Russell
Did you know that pomegranates are an ancient symbol of fertility, birth and eternal life in many cultures? And no wonder, since when you break it apart, the juicy red seeds spill out in abundance.

Nutritionally, pomegranate juice contains lots of folic acid - which is one of the most important nutrients for preventing neural tube defects in babies and is required daily before conception. And at least one study suggests that it may increase sperm count and motility - in laboratory rats at least.

Experts in Feng Shui also recommend pomegranates for fertility, and suggest that placing four of them on the corners of your bed and one in the middle (when you are not actually sleeping in your bed) will enhance your chances of conceiving.

And you can also harness the power of pomegranates through flower essences. Pomegranate flower essence is said to help balance the female reproductive system, and assist with any issues surrounding sexuality and motherhood.

So, if you are trying to conceive, consider the fruitful pomegranate and think juicy thoughts. And yes, there is a double-meaning in that...


  1. Nice post! And I love the photo of the pomegranite seeds!
    Juicy indeed!

  2. I think I might just had to pick some up before they are fully out of season. I new they were bountiful, but not as deeply as this. Cool!

    I think some pomegranate flower oil sounds lovely too!

  3. I did not know that! Very interesting. I'm going to pass this information along.


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