Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My baby is the perfect size for me.

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Ask any new mama about her baby and after boy or girl, the next question is almost always: how big was your baby? While the average baby is about 7 to 8 pounds, remember that you can give birth to almost any size baby because that is what your body was meant to do!

Did you know that ultrasounds at the end of pregnancy are notoriously incorrect for accurately estimating baby's size? They can be wrong by as much as 1.5 pounds or more! A skilled caregiver who palpates your belly is often way more accurate at estimating the weight of your baby.

But no matter what size your baby is, he or she is the perfect size for you...


  1. This is so true. My 1st was 10lbs and my 2nd was 10lbs 10oz. I just grow big babies, but they are not too big for me.

  2. Exactly! And my 9lb, 4oz girl was much easier to birth than my 6lb, 12oz son :)


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