Friday, March 5, 2010

As I nurse my baby, I nurture us both, in body, mind & spirit.

© Matteo Bagnoli
Breast feeding is such a unique relationship. Lactation professionals refer to a nursing mama and baby as a nursing dyad - two people involved in an ongoing, interactive relationship. Which describes nursing so accurately. She demands and nurses more, and you supply to feed her demand.

But it's not solely about nutrition. As you sit and nurse, you both relax into each other. He looks up at you as you gaze down at him, and you nurture each other ~ body, mind and soul. A drop of milk escapes from his sweet little satisfied mouth and then he drifts off to sleep. Perfectly content in this perfect, symbiotic relationship...

Isn't breastfeeding simply amazing?


  1. So true! I loved nursing and I miss it, Charlies sweet gaze into my eyes, I'll never forget the first time to locked eyes with me when he was just a wee one nursing. He's been breastfed til just shy of 16months. My blessed baby, how wonderful are our bodies?
    Blessed Be.

  2. awesome site for new mothers! I'm not one so I can't compare yet, but this is very beautiful!

  3. So beautiful!

    I long for the late night nursing in bed, and sharing our mornings together curled up nursing as the sun rises!

    Thank you for this.

  4. Nursing IS so amazing. I was just blogging about this... my youngest, who nursed for 3 years and now very much likes to just hold my breasts, recently told me "I don't feel close to you unless I'm holding your boob." I think if babies could talk, they'd say the same thing. Breasts = love, security, stability, comfort. Love your blog!

  5. Thanks to everyone for all your lovely comments! I am so blessed to have nursed three babies until they weaned themselves (well, my youngest is still hanging on just a bit), and I count breastfeeding as one of the most amazing life experiences I've had.

    Amber - I so hear you, I loved nursing in bed with the warmth and light of the morning just peeking in the windows...

    Momioso - my youngest is almost the exact same way about mine :)

    And merry meet Mama Ash, indeed aren't our bodies wonderfully made!

  6. Oh, I love the picture you found. So, so lovely. And I agree that breastfeeding is such a deep and spiritual connection.


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