Wednesday, July 18, 2012

FREEBIE: Breastfed Baby Posters

Today I am excited to offer you my very first free printables! These sweet and colorful posters are 8x10 PDF's so you can just download them to your computer and print them whenever you like. Perfect for hosptial birthing mamas to remind staff and others that you are a breastfeeding family! And maybe at your house if you have friends or family who need reminding, too.
Breastfed Baby Green - PDF
Breastfed Baby Blue - PDF
Breastfed Baby Pink - PDF
Breastfed Baby Purple - PDF

Feel free to download for your own personal use or for a friend. In return, I would love if you would join the Wild Mother Arts Facebook Page, follow this blog or share on Facebook, Twitter or your own blog by linking directly to this post, but NOT to the PDFs themselves. Please do not alter, sell or redistribute WMA printables in any way. I appreciate your understanding!

Enjoy your posters,

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