Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My milk is liquid love and my baby thrives on it!

© Raphael Goetter
Nourish is such a sweet sounding word... and you nourish your baby on so many levels when you're nursing. Your baby is cuddled and feels your love surrounding her, safe and warm. Her physical body gains much needed fats and anti-bodies. The milk quenches her hunger and her thirst. Looking up at you and all around nourishes her mind - she's learning every minute! And one of the most important things she's learning is just how wonderful life can be here in your arms, away from the rest of the world with just you and your liquid love...


  1. Beautiful - stopping by from Friday Follow and I will be following!! Look forward to reading more about you and yours!
    amber :)

  2. I love this affirmation and this picture. My Baba is about 3.5 months now, and it took me probably 2 full months to fully appreciate what I was able to produce for him. Just this last week I finished pumping, looked at my husband, and practically yelled, "DEAR GOD - I MAKE MILK!!" Baba has also started feeling and diddling everything around him while he's nursing, which somehow makes the practice more of an interaction than just a one-woman job. Where I used to think, "How long will I have to do this?" I've started wondering, "How much longer will I get to do this?"


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