Sunday, June 13, 2010

I honor my changing body...

© madaise
Pregnancy is a time of seemingly never ending changes. Your breasts change size and shape... your belly expands and makes room for your growing belly. You look and feel different. Honor those changes...

Take a picture every week, in the same place and position. Make a silhouette picture every month of your ever changing baby belly and breasts. Henna your belly. Paint your belly. Show off your decorated belly off now that it's getting warmer. Wear clothes that emphasize your changing shape.

And make a belly cast - a three-dimensional mask that you can decorate or leave plain. This is my very favorite memento of pregnancy... they're perfect for actually being able to see and feel and remember where your gorgeous baby lived before he or she was born. You can do just your belly - sometimes called a belly bowl, your belly and breasts or even one with your arms cradled around your tummy in a permanent hug. Kits are available online and in local pregnancy shops or you can just visit a medical supply shop for fast drying plaster gauze. Messy and fun and well worth the time.

Whatever you do to honor your changing shape, remember it is all for the beautiful babe inside you and the mother you are becoming. Honor the changes... all of them! How did you or how will you honor the changes?


  1. Beautiful, this is so true. Taking the time to honor your changing body is so worth it. Never again will you be growing *this* baby.

  2. Oh my gosh, we did this with our son -- four years ago! So much fun!


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